PILMA is a coalition of labor organizations and companies in the pharmaceutical industry who have joined forces to grow this important sector in our economy, create high-quality jobs, and promote medical innovations to cure disease.
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“The comprehensive skills and rigorous training that unionized craft workers develop in order to serve the highly specialized construction needs of our industry are critical to our mission of researching, developing and bringing to market the life-saving medicines and medical devices that save lives around our country and the world.”

– Dean Paranicas, President, Healthcare Institute of New Jersey


Pharmaceutical-Labor Alliance Flourishes

No-Depression-Pharmaceutical-Labor-Alliance-Flourishes_articleimageThe AFL-CIO Blog highlights the value of the PILMA coalition: “One staple of PILMA’s program—along with conferences and other get-togethers—is to provide tours of union training facilities, which allow industry officials to see firsthand the skill levels and training union workers bring to the specialized construction needs of the biotechnology industry.”

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Partnership Between Pharmaceutical Industry and Labor Creates Good Jobs

The partnership between the biopharmaceutical industry and labor unions fosters a collaborative environment that keeps each side innovating. Training programs equip union workers with the skills to build and maintain state-of-the-art facilities providing industry with the capability to discover life-saving cures.
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PILMA & DGA: Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity

The Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association (PILMA) and the California Biopharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association (CBPILMA) hosted an event at the Democratic Governors Association’s conference in Beverly Hills highlighting how investing in high skilled labor supports 21st century pharmaceutical innovation.
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Recent Updates

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Eli Lilly’s 2016 Vendor Conference was held at the IBEW Indianapolis Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Center.